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September 24, 2006

Kamikazee Tractor driver

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You are probably thinking what does she mean by this title, well let me explain normally tractor drivers are slow, and really P*** you off when your in a  hurry because you get stuck behind this vehicle travelling and break neck 5 mile an hour speed spilling half the contents of its load in your direction whilst you travel behind. Only today I am reporting on a new breed of tractor driver, this one has serious attitude (bikers beware).  One evening  my husband and a few of his mates went for an evening ride through to Rye in East Sussex, anyway all was well they travelled the usual way, my husband went on only to arrive in Rye by himself, unsure where the rest were he telephoned to be told there was an accident, he didnt stop to hear the rest of the conversation putting the phone back in his pocket, he rode back to find his mates, they weren’t far up the road, in Udimore, when he arrived he was busy asking all, if they were alright, no one was hurt, this was the point where the story unfolds, you see he had travelled past the tractor, not really paying much attention as the tractor was heading in the opposite direction.  This isthe point where things change as the tractor driver decides he doesn’t like bikers and drives on the other side of the road, aiming for the rest of the riders, straight at them in fact forcing them to take evasive actions,this of course was met with some suprise and anger not just by the bikers concerned but also by the witnesses at the side of the road who could not believe their eyes. He scuffed one of the riders, and then as one of the other riders had parked and got off his bike to see what this guys problem was, he continued to knock over his brand new bike(I kid you not) he was still running it in. Obviously he has now seen red, and is absolutely mad as hell, his bike laying on the floor, he is screaming at the guy wanting to no what his problem is, unable to get his helmet off he is pulling the tractor apart at the side of the road, to stop the guy driving off without being made to pay for what he has just done, the Police arrive and defuse the situation.

The guy driving the tractor is being done for his actions, rightly so.

have you ever had a bad experience with a tractor?


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