trials & tribulations on british rail

August 31, 2006

Trails & Tribulations of British Rail travel

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Here we go, before you say anything I am not gonna winge, for an indefinate period and not really say anything. Today I had the misfortune of having to travel uptown to London, great a day out of the office, you might think, wrong! I had to attend a training course for a new piece of software that I had previously worked on in a previous workplace, (basically waste of time) but hey the powers that be said go so off I dutifully went. I boarded the train in Battle, and all was going well, even got a seat which at that early hour on the rat run is a major acheivement. Got to Waterloo, me not being familiar with train travel approached the girl in the info kiosk to ask a general direction question. Silly I no fancy thinking that the info kiosk was actually designed to help traveling customers, she had to put down her paper and answer me this,  probably for the first time actually caused a queue to form behind me, believe when I say this she wasnt happy, anyway she looked at my map said never heard of the place, glanced at me for almost a whole second without cracking a smile or anything and said next, I was dismissed, presumably helped. So I decided to find someone else to answer my question as time was now running out the meeting was due to start in 15 mins and I from what I could see was at least half an hour away, next stop another helpful kiosk, as there really isnt anyone else, only this time I come across Reg who has obviously worked for the railways for most of his life loves his job and I have to say it he was brilliant, pointed me in the right direction, and I proceeded to my destination, arriving half an hour late, although I didnt miss anything. The journey back was another funny incident, which I just have to share with you, everything fine I have made my way back via the tubes and got back to Waterloo to get the Battle train home, time getting on I realise I havent eaten anything since breakfast and decide to buy myself a packet of crisps from the trolley on the train, I hand the guy a £1 coin which I was given by the train gaurd in my change from my ticket, anyway a couple of minutes later he says “have you got another £1 coin please” at this point I’m thinking Bl**dy hell these crisps are expensive, wrong! apparently my £1 coin isnt shiney enough to go in his till he doesnt like dull £1 coins ( I kid you not) laugh me and three or four of the passengers who had heard my predicament could not contain ourselves, I did exchange the £1 coin, first and he disappeared down through the train to us lot wetting ourselves laughing, a guy in the other side of the isle was looking through his pockets to see if he had any dirty coins to see if he did it again on a re-run through the train with refreshments but he never came back.


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